Nepal’s high-tourist spring season has brought some surprise rains and cooler than usual weather with a few unexpected hail storms and snowfall within few weeks. Rain and storm affected parts of Nepal’s southern districts in the Terai region on Sunday evening causing loss of life and property among the local population.  As per official reports, rescue and relief efforts were immediately deployed to the affected areas and the situation has been under surveillance by local authorities and the central government alike.

The storm was confined to a particular region in the southern part of the country and tourists and tourism activities have not been affected so far as per the Government releases.  According to Nepal Tourism Board CEO Mr. Deepak Raj Joshi, “This region is in southern plain, close to the border. It is not a tourist region and no tourist is hurt so far. The Government of Nepal is focused on rescue and treatment of those affected.”

Mr. Joshi has urged all tourists planning visit to Nepal to be assured that all is well in the major tourist areas of the country. Nevertheless, Mr. Joshi has requested for clear flow of information to answer travelers’ queries from all concerned, so that travelers are able to make informed choices.

Nepal’s tourist activities mainly center around Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, and the Himalayan region in the northern part, and these areas are a considerable distance from the storm hit areas.  The recent inconsistencies of weather in different parts of Nepal could be attributed to the changing global weather pattern.

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