Tourism New Zealand’s annual report found that in the year ending June 2019 international visitors spent $11.2 billion. There was continued growth in visitor numbers up 2.7% to 3.88 million, with holiday visitor numbers at almost 2 million.  Regional spend increased by 4.9% and international visitors arriving in the off-peak months was up 0.6%.  

“Tourism employs one in seven New Zealanders and generates more than 20% of our exports. It is the beating heart of many of New Zealand’s communities and businesses. However, with global tourism slowing our destination brand and campaign success is more important than ever,” says Tourism New Zealand’s Chief Executive Stephen England Hall. 

“Tourism New Zealand is recognised as a world leader in brand building and digital marketing. This year we revitalized our approach with the new evolution of the 100% Pure New Zealand global campaign. The 100% Pure New Zealand Welcome and the Good Morning World Campaign captures New Zealanders genuine manaakitanga alongside our stunning landscapes.  

“The 100% Pure New Zealand Welcome campaign had over one million views on day one, leading to a 15 per cent increase in referrals for the industry. It is now live in China, Korea, North America, South America, Singapore, the UK and Germany, with Japan still to come.  

“The year-long campaign features videos of New Zealanders sharing their special place with the world and welcoming visitors. It’s an invitation from New Zealanders to the world” 

Tourism New Zealand’s Chief Executive Stephen England Hall says Tourism New Zealand is working hard to ensure the sector addresses the global challenges ahead and continues to benefit communities.  

“Tourism New Zealand is collaborating closely with Government and the sector to help the regions grow, ensure that growth is sustainable, and that tourism gives back more than it takes.   Some examples of this are The Tiaki – Care for NZ campaign, the responsible camping and visiting driver education campaigns, boosting the number of tourism attractions in the region and the introduction of the International Tourism Levy. 

“It’s vital that we all work together – Kiwis, industry, iwi, government – so tourism enriches New Zealand now and into the future.”  

Source : New Zealand Tourism