“As New Zealand’s top export earner, tourism is the beating heart of New Zealand’s economy and we all have a role to keep it that way,” Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Stephen England-Hall said at TRENZ today.

“Tourism New Zealand is working closely with government and industry to ensure the sector gives back more than it takes.”

A key part of achieving a sustainable sector is sharing data to inform investment and product development.

Today, Tourism New Zealand launched ‘Visitor Profiles’, a new product designed to help businesses attract visitors and provide fantastic visitor experiences.

“We have brought tourism data and insights together like never before, bringing our international visitors to life.”

“The profiles will help New Zealand businesses and communities grow by giving them an understanding of our international visitors and how they can appeal to them.”

Bruce Thomasen, Managing Director of Redwoods Treewalk says “Understanding who your customer is and what they want is the foundation for doing great business. Tourism New Zealand’s visitor profiles are segmented by country, allowing me to better understand my target market and to assess potential market size per country.

“I use the information to prioritise spend, identify unique selling points we have or need to develop for each target market and the best way to get our message to them. The Visitor Profiles tool is the essential market intelligence for developing your annual business plan or feasibility planning.”