Platinum Hotel & Spa located at Tahachal, Kathmandu has announced going green in their restaurant “the Alchemy“ marking the Valentine’s Day of 2020.

Platinum hotel is a 3-star impeccable hotel with 58 quality rooms to provide services. It also has an restaurant, a coffee shop and “The Wave“ Bar.

General Manager of the hotel Dr. Sanjay Jamwal says it is celebrating the Valentine’s Day special with dining events at “The Alchemy”, as the marking day for turning their restaurant green (All Vegetarian).

Being asked his opinion on tourism industry and VNY 2020 in Nepal, Dr. Jamwal believes that Nepal has a huge tourism potential and has been gifted with mountains and cultural wonders nowhere to be found. Infrastructure and connectivity need to get improved. VNY 2020 is an important milestone for the economy of the nation. Despite recent Covid-19 epidemic, we all in tourism industry need to be positive and join hands together to combat the crisis.