The Islands Of The Bahamas begin just 50 miles off the east coast of Florida and sprawl across 100,000 sq. miles of the most beautiful water on the planet. Could there be a better place to go boating? No.

The Bahamas is paradise for boaters. For those who may not have ventured out toward the edge of the world yet, the annual Boating Fling program is a great way to gain experience and confidence, and updated boating permit options encourage boaters to become “regulars” around the islands.

Boating Flings, which are sponsored by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation, are like road trips but with lots and lots of water… and boats. A lead boat breaks the waves for the caravan of participants and a sweep at the rear of the flotilla ensures that no one gets left behind. Flings begin in Florida with a mandatory Captain’s meeting on Wednesday evening with departure on Thursday morning and return on Sunday. There is plenty of togetherness built into the program, but time on island is unstructured to allow freedom to fish, dive, explore or laze in the sun as preferred. There is one extended fling each year.

Dates announced for 2020: 

June 10-14: Freeport, Grand Bahama Island

June 17-21, 24-29: Bimini

July 10-21: Extended Fling to Eleuthera

July 22-26, July 29-Aug 2: Bimini

Flings leave from Bahia Mar Yachting Center in Fort Lauderdale; dates are subject to change.

All vessels must have a valid cruising permit obtained through initial clearance and entry process.

Updated fees effective Jan. 1, 2020 are as follows:

Up to 34’: $150 for 3 months; $300 annually

35’ – 100’: $300 for 3 months; $600 annually

100’ – 150’: $500 for 3 months; $1,000 annually

150’ – 200’: $800 for 3 months; $2,000 annually

Over 200’: $1,000 for 3 months; $2,000 annually