Sithi Nakha , A celebration for welcoming rain is an important festival in the Newar community.

The day begins with cleaning houses, water sources, well and water spouts. After cleaning, tribute visit to the various temple is must. Incase of Bhaktapur , Nawadurga temple is the major visiting temple today. The rain, as the most important factor for rice plantation is welcomed by the newars as a celebration on this way. They pray for the good rain for rice plantation of the season.

In newar community, food is as intresting and as rich as their culture itself. They have specific sets of delicates for different festivals and events. Today the selection of the cultural food is Wo and chatamari.

Wo : Wo is pan cake like made from the batter of the lentil. Either moon bean or black urad beans are soaked in water, then grinded to fine paste. It is mixed with fine chopped onion and coriander  with spices, then it is cooked over a hot pan . Variety of toppings are also used like Eggs over the wo, Ground buff or both.

Chatamari : It is also pan cake like bread made from the batter of rice flour.