The Italian inspired restaurant Caffe Mondo at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou launches a new seasonal menu, which has brought back classic Italian dishes and introduced authentic Italian sharing dishes to the city of gourmets.

Caffe Mondo entices with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal and authentic Italian cuisine. In this seasonal menu, Chef Filippo Fondatori has highlighted that many dishes are a creative twist on classic and authentic. It might look familiar, but it’s a new way to retouch the dish.

This is the first time Caffe Mondo has added traditional crudo dishes to the a la carte menu. Crudo in Italian means raw; it is similar with Japanese sashimi but it was not about detailed techniques or impressive knife skills, but rather about appreciating seafood at its peak freshness. Chef Filippo has selected the Japanese amberjack to go with pizzaiola tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, which makes this crudo more tasty and with Asian flavour.

In Italy, sharing dish doubles the happiness of the gathering time. Chef has added in a few sharing dishes as Caffe Mondo is always a place for gatherings. Baked salted crusted whole sea bass is the highlight: “Before baking the sea bass, we will whisk egg whites until soft peaks form, then fold in the salt, which makes it juicy and salted. While serve the dish, our server will knock down the salt cover, deboning the sea bass then it’s ready to serve. You can easily feel the softness texture of the fish and the freshest flavour lingering in the mouth.”

Other than the sharing main course, the seasonal new menu also brings in different proportion choices for pasta: no matter for family or friends gathered, or to enjoy by oneself, guests can always find their favourite to savour. Chef Filippo has brought back the classic Bolognese sauce with spaghetti and the popular squid ink spaghetti with frutti di mare. The squid ink spaghetti is from pasta di Gragnano, the best dried pasta brand in Italy, while the Bolognese sauce with spaghetti is handmade by the chefs in Caffe Mondo. For the signature pizza, Chef Filippo has selected the seasonal black truffle from Yunan, the best place of origin in China, to create a tasty Norcina style dish of mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese and Yunnan black truffle.

Dessert is an important component in Italian cuisine and Four Seasons Guangzhou Chocolate is the gem of the dessert menu. By using the exclusive blended 65% chocolate, the well-known chocolate fondant has been granted with an irresistible taste, a delightful indulgence for sweet teeth.

Enjoy both à la carte and buffet options featuring a dazzling array of signature dishes and sumptuous spreads of antipasti, mains and desserts:


  • Full Buffet Lunch – CNY 238 per person


  • Antipasto and Dessert Bar – CNY 318 per person
  • Antipasto and Dessert Bar with choice of one main course or risotto – CNY 468 per person