Mdina is known as Malta’s Silent City. It is an impressive fortified city in the North central region of the island. Mdina is one of the highest vantage points in Malta which is the reason it served as the island’s capital from ancient times to the Medieval period. 

The city is currently still surrounded by fortified walls and exudes a unique charm; you can readily pick up a sense of times gone by as to this day. Mdina’s stories resonate through the labyrinth-like cobbled streets and remarkable architecture. 

Now in its 11th year, the Festival is going all out to draw in the crowds once more!

What to expect

Organised by the Mdina Local Council, the free event is packed with activities for kids (and adults!) to embrace and learn about Mdina’s history in a fun and engaging manner. Both days are crammed with adventures for the young ones such as colourful parades, daring magic shows, flag throwing contests, fire breathers and impromptu re-enactments popping up. Even if you do not consider yourself a history enthusiast, there is still plenty of action to catch! 

The charming atmosphere is further revved up by the various musicians playing on street corners and the many flowers scattered around giving that ultimate spring feeling.

After absorbing all of the action and lining your stomach with traditional foods and liquors, you can also make the most of its landmark attractions such as The Mdina Museum of Natural History and Palazzo Falson at a special reduced price. Multiple places of interest will also be keeping their doors open late into the evening, so there is no need to rush around. Though be on your best behaviour- the dungeons remain in Mdina- you have been warned!