PATA Nepal Chapter is pleased to appoint Mr. Ajeet Bajaj, the former President of the Adventure Tour Operators Association of India (ATOAI) as Nepal India China Expo (NICE) ambassador for North India. Mr. Bajaj is also the first Indian to have skied to both the North Pole and the South Pole, and has undertaken travel in multiple countries spanning all seven continents.

In July 2008 he kayaked along the coast of Greenland as part of an Indo-American team. The expedition’s aim was to create awareness about the effect of global warming on glaciers. A modern-day explorer and adventurer, Mr. Bajaj is a living example of how to not just survive but enjoy challenges and pressures. Having traveled tough terrains of the world, he speaks about how to think, take decisions, lead and be a team player in times of adversity.

He has been honored by the Indian Armed Forces, the travel industry as well as the government, he is passionate about leadership and teamwork as well as sustainability and environmental concerns. He is a member of the National Tourism Advisory Council and has received the ‘Hall of Fame’ award from the Adventure Tour Operators Association of India in 2010.

It was Ajeet Bajaj, a Padma Shri awardee, and his elder daughter Deeya who attempted to climb Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) and despite life-threatening challenges, extreme weather conditions and the arduous nature of the climb, they came back home feeling wonderful and proud. The father-daughter duo became India’s first such combination to successfully reach the summit, the world’s highest peak on May 16, 2017.

There is almost no adventure activity that he hasn’t perused. Certainly, one would have to search hard to find another man with a similar enthusiasm for adventure. Whether it’s rafting down the Zambezi, Colorado or Amazon rivers, or sea kayaking along the icebergs of Greenland or completing the polar trilogy, the adrenaline rush seems to be unstoppable.

Source : PATA