PATA Personality of the Year Award is conferred every year to such an individual who has consistently contributed to the association and has played highly commendable and valuable role in promoting the Nepali Tourism sector over the recent years or, over an extended period of time.

Since its inception, the PATA Personality of the Year Award has been honored to veterans and other pioneers in major aspects of the tourism industry including aviation, hotel industry, travel distribution, heritage conservation, sustainable tourism initiatives, tourist attractions, etc. The receipts of this prestigious award include:

2020: Chef Santosh Shah – Runner up – MasterChef:The Professionals 2020

2019: Mr. Rabindra Raj Pandey, Executive Chairman – Everest Express Tours and Travels

2018: Mr. Sugat Ratna Kansakar, Managing Director – Nepal Airlines Corporation

2017: Mr. Karna Sakya, Founder- KGH Group of Hotels and Resorts

2016: Mr. Megh Ale, Managing Director-The Borderlands Resort Hotel 

2015: Mr. Manohar SJB Rana, CEO -Yeti Travels

2014: Mrs. Natasha Shrestha, Managing Director-Avia Club Nepal

PATA Nepal Chapter members are encouraged to nominate such individuals who strongly merit such recognition for their dedication to the association and the tourism industry at large. The awards will be presented to the recipient at the 45th Annual General Meeting of PATA Nepal Chapter to be held on the 8th of April 2022 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Please view the Awards’ Criteria and submit your nominations through the link by Monday, 28th February 2022.


The PATA Nepal Featured Annual Award Judging Committee will evaluate each nomination on its own merits. The Judging Committee reserves the right to decline any nomination for the award, if it feels that a suitable candidate has not been nominated. The deliberations are confidential and will not be discussed outside the Committee.


The following criteria have been set for the PATA Personality of the Year Award:

1) Self-nominations are also accepted. While names for the PATA Personality of the Year may come from multiple sources, it is the responsibility of the Judging Committee to assess such names in determining their eligibility. There is no requirement for the Judging Committee to consider or recommend a candidate in any given year.

2) Documentation must be thorough, including the rationale for why a nominee should be on the PATA Personality of the Year Award. Documentation must include a brief citation for how the nominee can be considered an “Ideal Tourism Personality”, an accomplished individual for inspiration.

3) There is no “one size fits all” set of qualifications, as each individual might be special in a distinguishable way contributing to the different spectrum of tourism. The candidates may be nominated based on their contributions at the international level to leading and managing Nepali tourism at the national, organizational (public/ private) and individual level.  The following categories are examples:

  • Entrepreneur/ Founder/Operator of Tourism and Hospitality Businesses including Hotels and Resorts, Travel and Trekking Agencies, Tour and Adventure Operators, Airlines, Education, Media, and other alike secondary industries.
  • Founder/operator of an entertainment or recreation organization in tourism
  • Policy-maker in sustainable tourism or wildlife protection
  • Promoter of Nepal’s tourism through notable literary publications and Innovator/promoter/ Activist of Heritage Conservation; and/or tangible cultural integrity in tourism development.
  • Innovator/promoter of Human Capital development in Nepal
  • Leader/ Official at NTO and Govt. offices with significant contribution for positive changes in Tourism
  • Contributor towards the “ideals” of tourism through philanthropy.
  • Innovator through transportation design or technological advancement related to tourism.

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