Focusing on the western travelers to India, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) conducted a tourism promotional campaign on Maharaja Express, luxury trains running on seven heritage tourism routes of North India from June 1-30, 2019. Advertisements for Nepal were incorporated in the in-train infotainment system to showcase Nepal among the audience who tune into the entertainment channels. Travelers from around the world travel through Maharaja Express for the experience and class it offers.

The platform is ideal to reach out to the high-end American and European traveler in India with a mindset of vacation and is generally looking to explore nearby countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka etc. The train has cabins equipped with an LCD TV, DVD player, Internet access, individual climate control system and electronic safe. Nepal tourism ads are played when the TV is switched on, as it is embedded with TIWEE App which displays all the infotainment with commercials.

Passengers who are traveling through Maharaja Express are generally from 47+ different countries. This train gives Nepal tourism a global reach as 40 percent of passengers are from North America, 30 percent from Europe, 20 percent from South East Asia and 10 percent from Russia. As per reports, 900+ unique individuals will be having access to Nepal promotional information on the train this month.