Singapore-based travel consultancy OMT Group of Companies will launch a blockchain-backed mobile application featuring a selection of curated itineraries, along with a secured payment gateway and rewards system.

For starters, the mobile app will feature affordable itineraries, supported by major destinations including Indonesia, Thailand and the UAE. Come April, end-users will be able to download the application from their iTunes and Android stores.

This initiative comes at a time when the global economy is starting to reopen and interest in leisure rebounds in some regions. As such, the travel consultancy plans to adopt best of breed partners to help create a unique customer experience advantage. These partnerships are expected to generate a huge boost in global tourism revenue, and along with the use of emerging technology, rebuild the travel trade sector to emerge stronger than before from the pandemic.

OMT Group of Companies’ efforts to go digital bodes well to increase the standards of travel wholesalers and safeguard monies and personal data from illicit activities. It also points to Singapore’s endeavour to continue strengthening its position in the region as a cashless digital hub with its neutral regime in digital assets transactions.

James Yeow, chairman and CEO of OMT Group of Companies, said: “The up-and-coming application will look to facilitate billions of transactions on the blockchain, enable travel marketers to employ more targeted, data-driven marketing strategies and create sustainable employment opportunities for many.”

For OMT Group of Companies, the utilisation of blockchain technology to power its up-and-coming mobile application drives transparency in a safe and reliable environment, particularly when it comes to the treatment of handling sensitive data including personal identification numbers, addresses and credit card information. This, in turn, helps build trust between travel trade wholesalers and the wider community.

Said Yeow: “Emerging technologies like blockchain lets go of the need for physical documentation, replacing it with digital ones. This makes travel marketing more targeted and specific processes like payments a hassle-free experience for FITs, luxury and group corporate travellers.”

Tapping on a decentralised management system, OMT Group of Companies’ application will help destinations, brands and operators reduce costs, improve business ratings and communication, tailor unique packages and implement hassle-free loyalty programmes.

Added Yeow: “With personalisation emerging as the choice for many, and the demand for unique travel experiences increasing, we believe that the combination of our application and tailored itineraries will create a differentiated, high-touch service experience for both our existing and new members.”

source: ttgasia