As a part of its mission to promote and position Nepal as a premier holiday destination, Nepal Tourism Board in coordination with PATA Nepal Chapter and representatives from the private sector tourism industry of Nepal successfully participated at the PATA Travel Mart 2019 in Astana also known as Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan, from Sept. 19 till Sept. 20. Participation at the mart was ideal for promoting Nepal as a destination offering lifetime experiences and increasing the visibility with fresh communication and digital campaign.

NTB and PATA Nepal Chapter disseminated tourism information about Nepal to the international visitors to the stall. Promotional materials including brochures, posters, maps, souvenir items were distributed from the stall. Destination promoting digital campaign was initiated to encourage more number of stall visitors from all around the world to follow NTB social media sites where they can regularly be updated on the destination details.

Mega international travel marts of Nepal like Himalayan Travel Mart (HTM) and Nepal India China Expo (NICE) that are scheduled for June and February 2020 were also promoted among the international buyers at the fair.

Buyers included tour operators from different parts of the world like India, China, North and South East Asian countries, North and South American countries, United Kingdom and European Union countries, and Australia among others. Apart from getting Nepal tourism information and updates, visitors to the stall were interested in the different products that Nepal offered to the different demographic groups of travelers interested in visiting Nepal.

In addition to trekking and adventure, queries were made on cultural tours and experiences, wellness tourism, luxury tourism, meaningful experiences and even volunteer tourism.  The mart was much appreciated by representatives from the private sector as they renewed their contacts and also met with new potential buyers and prospective partners from around the world.

PTM 2019 was unique as it was the first time in PATA’s 68-year history that that a PATA event was organized in Central Asia. The exotic location had drawn in travel enthusiasts from the global tourism industry seeking novelty for their well-traveled clientele.

Nepal Pavilion displaying replica of Swayambhu stupa as highlight with prayer flags and a handmade mural of the range of the Nepal Himalayas extending from the east to the west of the country, was much appreciated by the visitors and passersby.

On Sept. 19, PATA also awarded the PATA Gold Awards 2019 in categories ranging from marketing, environment, corporate social responsibility, community-based tourism, heritage, culture, travel journalism, public relations etc.

Source : NTB