In a step ahead in precautionary measures announced earlier to contain COVID-19, the Government of Nepal took a more drastic measure of enforcing a lockdown across the country. This measure comes into force for a week from Tuesday, 24 March 2020, 6am to 31 March 2020, 6am.

People across the country have been asked to confine to their homes, except for essential purchases and services, such as foodstuff and medical supplies/services. Only services, such as supplies and services related to essential food, medicines, health services, milk and water supplies, waste management etc. will be operational. All kinds of transports including domestic flights have been stopped for the week.

Vehicles for health and security services/personnel including those with permits will be allowed to ply. Except for essential service employees in ‘essential service machineries’ in the government and private sector, all other employees will be given leave during the lockdown week. Medical suppliers and service providers have been asked to smoothen services to the public.

Infectious Disease Control Act 2020 and Local Administration Act 2028 have been executed for the foregone measures.