The joint Sales Mission & Destination Promotion by Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal Association of Travel Agent (NATTA), Embassy of Nepal in Beijing and Nepal Consulate Office Guangzhou in Chinese cities of Beijing, Changsa, Guangzhou and Chendu on 17th, 19th, 22nd and 23rd April 2019 received amazing response from the Chinese counterpart travel and trade.

The first and foremost interest of the Chinese counterparts in each cities showed their concern for travel by air/road connectivity to Nepal, its frequency, activities, destinations and their safety and security.

The 15 participating companies from Nepal held a very fruitful session with their Chinese counterparts and answered all the queries with latest information. They expect them to send as many visitors to Nepal as possible.

The presentation by Nepal Tourism Board on destinations, activities and Visit Nepal Campaign with the beautiful video on Lumbini in Chinese version won hearts of many in all 4 cities.  It was very much informative and helpful to show this to their clients when they wanted to visit Nepal. Most of them even got it copied for future use to be able to give precise information. Nepal Tourism Board also informed the Chinese trade and media that NTB is partnering with Didi cab, Alipay and many more companies in China to campaign Visit Nepal 2020 with some attractive schemes and offers.

The program by Nepal Tourism Board and NATTA in Changsa was first of its kind and the program received overwhelming response from Changsa. The Chinese travel trade companies were highly impressed with such programs and requested Nepal Tourism Board and NATTA to come up with frequent joint promotional programs for more visible impacts and better results.