Nepal Government has now made a decision to allow weekly schedule passenger flights on a few international routes. Apparently, the demand of stranded passengers and urgent travel needs of the people have pushed the Government to make this decision. According to a notice published by CAAN, Turkish Airlines will be allowed to operate a weekly schedule flight every Thursday. NAC will be allowed to operate a KTM/DOH/KTM schedule flight every Monday, whereas Qatar will be able to conduct a DOH/KTM/DOH schedule flight every Monday. The Nepal-India air bubble operation will continue. Under this arrangement, NAC can continue a flight every Wednesday and Air India every Friday.


There are two major Nepali international airlines: Nepali Airlines and Himalaya Airlines. Government has always privileged the state-owned airline in granting commercial flight rights undermining the spirit of Civil Aviation Policy and aviation laws, which assure level playing field for the state owned airline and private airlines. For the prosperity of the Nepalese aviation, correcting governmental practice is a must, say experts in the sector.