Mr. Madan Kharel has resigned as the executive chairman of Nepal Airlines Corporation. He was appointed as chief of the state-owned air carrier less than one and a half years ago. In his capacity as executive chairman, he reigned over the board of directors as well as the management of the corporation.

On his appointment, he was entrusted with the main responsibility for smooth and profitable operation of the carrier with a relatively new fleet of two Airbus 330 and two Airbus 320. Endowed with lucrative traffic rights, government and public support, and sole ground handling rights, the asset-rich airline has huge potential for successful and profitable operation.

It is generally observed that the carrier started cruising through the thick clouds due to political interference in its operation and management since roughly three decades ago as the country adopted multiparty democracy. The airline was born through an act of parliament in 1958 AD. Some experts view that the airline should be converted into a public limited company and that it should engage into strategic partnership with successful foreign airlines. However, there are challenging views against this too.