Las Terrenas, Samaná, RD.- For the tenth consecutive year, the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR) began Wednesday the cleaning of beaches and spas in which 2,100 people responsible for keeping these spaces cleaned for the enjoyment of visitors.

The operation is coordinated by the Executing Committee of Tourist Areas Infrastructures (CEIZTUR) of the Mitur, and this year 1,250 people will reinforce the permanent staff that works in the main beaches and resorts of the Tourist Poles of the country.

Lorna Carrasco Padilla, director of the Planning and Development Department of Ceiztur, informed that the clean-up days at the national level will begin daily at 105 beaches and 35 spas at 7:00 AM, ending at 6:30 PM, so that these places can be keep clean permanently.

He invited visitors to get involved and commit to avoid throwing waste on beaches and spas, also made a massive call for awareness about recycling, reducing materials that generate pollution and create a culture of respect for the environment not only on these dates but permanently.

The event also aims to unite institutional efforts to reduce the negative effect that garbage causes on beaches and spas, as well as to raise awareness among visitors, fishermen and merchants of the importance of maintaining cleanliness for both tourism and For the enviroment.

“For the cleaning tasks, the brigadistas will be properly uniformed, equipped with the necessary tools for cleaning, we will hire trucks that will do the work of the transfer and trash can, the services of free mobile toilets will be offered during the break as well as being placed zafacones “, said Carrasco.