Santo Domingo, RD.-  The Ministry of Tourism (MITUR) thanked the Department of State of the United States of America for recognizing, for the first time, the high levels of security that the tourist poles of the Dominican Republic have.

Likewise, the Mitur reiterates that the Dominican Republic is one of the safest countries in the entire region.

In response to one of the traditional warnings issued by the State Department, the Mitur affirmed that this recommendation is not exclusively against the Dominican Republic, but that other countries exist, including some in Europe.

He reiterated that the Dominican Republic is in level two of tourism security, the same as maintained by developed countries and assured that Quisqueya is in the same status as in previous years.

The Mitur makes clear that the recommendations made by the State Department is not a call for Americans not to visit the Dominican Republic, after remembering that 63 percent of tourists who come to the country are from the United States.

He said that more and more the Dominican government is making major investments to strengthen tourism security in the country and thus achieve the presidential goal of 10 million tourists by 2020 and increase the flow of foreign currency.