KATHMANDU: A helicopter rescued a Malaysian climber from Mt Annapurna on Friday, where he was stranded for two days after climbing the world’s 10th highest mountain on April 23.

Wui Kin Chin, 49, reached the top of the 8,091m mountain along with 31 other international climbers but then separated from other climbers at a lower camp.

According to Seven Summits Treks, the expedition organizer, a helicopter pilot spotted him on Thursday waving his hands from an altitude of about 7,500m.

Four Sherpa rescuers climbed to the site and brought him down to a lower camp at 6,500 metres. From there he was picked up by a longline rescue helicopter. The distressed mountaineer was flown to a hospital in Kathmandu on Friday. The 8,091-metre (26,545-foot) Mount Annapurna is the ninth tallest mountain in Nepal and the 10th tallest in the world. It is avalanche-prone, technically difficult and has a higher death rate than Everest, the world’s highest peak.

Nine South Korean climbers were killed last October after a snowstorm swept them off a cliff on Mount Gurja, west of Annapurna.