KATHMANDU: Kathmandu has been named on ‘top 10 cities to visit in 2019, according to Lonely Planet’s annual Best in Travel list released recently.

Three years after it was hit by a devastating earthquake, Kathmandu is welcoming visitors to a city that is much quieter, by design, says Tom Hall, Lonely Planet’s editorial director.

“It remains the doorstep to the Himalayas, with medieval architecture, great food and nightlife and increasing wellness offerings,” says Hall.

“It’s also much quieter than it has been in the past with cars banned from the historic center and motor horns banned across the Kathmandu Valley,” Hall points out.

It’s also hosting the South Asian Games in 2019.

“Lonely Planet has a warm historic attachment to Kathmandu, and Nepal, so I was really pleased to see us be able to talk about the city’s continued recovery from the 2015 earthquake,” Hall says.

Lonely Planet’s top 10 cities
1. Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Shēnzhèn, China
3. Novi Sad, Serbia
4. Miami, Florida
5. Kathmandu, Nepal
6. Mexico City, Mexico
7. Dakar, Senegal
8. Seattle, Washington
9. Zadar, Croatia
10. Meknes, Morocco

Source : Lonely Planet