To address the crisis caused by the pandemic of Covid-19, Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) and Nepal Free Hotel Workers’ Union have reached a six-point agreement regarding the salary of the hotel workers on 19th July 2020.

The agreement has guaranteed the regular salary of workers of the hotel industry in Nepal from April 13 till December 2020.

According to the bilateral agreement, the workers in five-star hotels will receive Rs 10,000 or 9,000 depending upon the rooms, Rs. 8,455 or 8,000 in four-star hotels, Rs 5,000 in three-star hotels and Rs 4,300 in two-star hotels. Workers of one-star and tourist standard hotels will receive salaries as per the mutual understanding with their respective hotels.

Both parties have agreed to reassess the situation after 2020. The workers may leave the job if they wish but would receive the benefits of the hotels applicable before March 2020.