Hong Kong will reduce the mandatory quarantine period for fully vaccinated visitors by seven days from as early as end-April or early May.

Travellers from low-risk areas including Singapore, Australia and New Zealand who have received all required doses of a vaccine, need only serve a seven-day quarantine, instead of 14, at designated hotels.

Those from high- and medium-risk areas will serve a 14-day quarantine, instead of 21 days. All vaccinated visitors are required to self-monitor for another seven days after their quarantine, the Hong Kong government said in a release on Wednesday (April 14).

Meanwhile, Hong Kong residents returning to the city from abroad, with the exception of China, are still required to complete a 21-day quarantine.

The easing of quarantine rules come as Singapore and Hong Kong are finalising the details of the travel bubble, which will exempt travellers from the quarantine requirement. Discussions of the delayed Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble resumed after Hong Kong brought the current wave of infections under control.

Hong Kong will make it mandatory for people leaving the city on these travel bubble flights to be vaccinated. However, Singapore will not impose the same vaccination requirement for incoming travellers from Hong Kong.

Source : ttgasia