The power of the Moringa tree and physical harmony through Ayurvedic treatments: With these two centuries of established healing techniques, the award-winning Maldives resorts, the Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa, and the Lily Beach Resort & Spa are now bringing a holistically healthy wellness experience to life natural Moringa products and new Ayurveda applications.

The Moringa tree (Moringa oleifera) grows in the two island resorts Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa and Lily Beach Resort & Spa. Also named as the tree of life, it’s already taken for breakfast as a shake, providing the necessary energy boost for the entire day. The plant, which has been known for centuries for its health-promoting properties, is rich in antioxidants and provides the body with an excellent source of protein with vitamins and minerals (iron, calcium and potassium). The tree is said to be able to cure up to 300 diseases and to fulfill the body and the immune system with energy and zest for life.

For a great start to the day, there are three Moringa products for the two luxury resorts. Plant protein with Moringa leaf proteins, providing the body with optimal nutrients, the XM + Energy Mix is a combination of moringin ingredients and serves as a natural source of power, and the SuperMix provides a daily dose of all of Moringa’s valuable ingredients.

Guests at Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa and Lily Beach Resort & Spa can now enjoy ZIJA International’s Moringa-based supplements. Unlike other Moringabased products, ZIJA uses all the beneficial components of the plant in its own blends and guarantees high-quality, nutritionally-laden products full of essential nutrients. The trees are grown without chemicals, carefully harvested by hand and dried in the shade. The products are available in two resorts – in Lily Maa, Tamarind, Vibes, Aqua and Tamara Spa at Lily Beach and Hideaway Spa, Meeru Bar and Sports Complex at Hideaway Beach (The products are not included in both resorts‘ all-inclusive packages).

Ayurveda treatments are also new at the award-winning Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa. They strengthen body and mind alike and ensure holistic well-being: the Abhyanga massage, which includes a head and body massage, the Kerala massage, which focuses on the vital and energy points in the body and the Shirodara treatment, which consists of a gentle, continuous forehead-oil casting. The traditional applications help to harmonize the essential forces of the body. The sister resort Lily Beach Resort & Spa in the Maldives will soon introduce Ayurvedic treatments as well. With the new health therapies and products, the resorts have recognized that more and more people are keen to do something good for their bodies and their minds, even when on vacation, to return to their everyday lives, recovered and rehabilitated. Lily Beach and Hideaway Beach are committed to ensuring their guests interpret the resorts as oases of peace and health, and therefore strive to offer the best treatments and products for holistic renewal. So one thing is certain: If you book the Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa and the Lily Beach Resort & Spa, you are guaranteed a luxurious pampering holiday with complete relaxation and holistic animation of body and soul.