Himalaya started capital-to-capital aerial connectivity between Kathmandu and Beijing today. This may be viewed as part of the BRI understanding between the two friendly, neighborhood countries, China and Nepal. BRI envisages connectivity across the region through road, sea and airlinks. In the age-old relations of the two countries, this is a historic air connection between the capital cities.

Flight # H9 665 took off at 0920 hours this morning, with 59 passengers. The return flight is scheduled to land in TIA at 2145 hours later in the evening. Prior to the departure, an inaugural event was organized at Hotel Radisson Airport Restaurant, where Honorable Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, Mr. Yogesh Pokharel spoke about the importance attached to the connectivity and to tourism promotion between the two countries by the highest levels of the governments of the two countries. Her Excellency Ambassador of China, Ms. Hou Yanqi related the beginning of the air connectivity to the furthering of trade, tourism and people based relations. President of Himalaya Airlines, Mr. Zhou Enyong mentioned the intent of the airlines to expand services to various points in China, including Lhasa, Ale, Changsa, Guiyang, Shenzhen etc. Vice President Administration of the airlines expressed gratitude to the ministry, CAAN, and TIA for consistent support enabling it to launch this historic flight. He also mentioned about the cooperation being forged with VNY 2020 committee and NTB for promotion of tourism in China.