June 28, 2020

Himalaya Airlines and Huawei Cloud, Chinese multinational technology company, signed a memorandum of understanding for strategic cooperation yesterday, Jun 28, 2020 during a signing ceremony held at Huawei company office in Kathmandu.

Leveraging its advantages in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) products and solutions, Huawei a leading global provider of information and communications technology will provide Himalaya with competitive products and services to enable Himalaya to provide its passengers, better ticketing options and travel experience. The agreement is expected to promote the construction of smart aviation and trans-Himalaya multi-dimensional connectivity to achieve more substantial results, opening up opportunities for Himalaya to be a leading airline in South Asia.

The event was virtually graced by Mr. Zhang Fan, Economic & Commercial Counsellor – Embassy of China to Nepal, Mr. Wang Ping- Deputy Director of the Department of Commerce of the Tibet Autonomous Region and Mr. Zhou Danjin, President of Huawei Technology Cloud & AI business group of Asia Pacific Region. The MoU was duly signed by Mr. Zhou Enyong, President of Himalaya Airlines and Mr. Deng Shuigen, CEO of Huawei Technologies Nepal Co., Pvt. Ltd.

Congratulating both the parties, Mr. Zhang Fan, Economic & Commercial Counselor of Embassy of China to Nepal, expressed that the collaboration between the two parties is indeed a proactive effort to cope with the new challenges and circumstances of post-pandemic international aviation, international communication and Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) cooperation. He hoped the two companies as well as the other companies with Chinese investment in Nepal can break the barriers of conventional mindset, adopt more innovative methods to create suitable business models for the post-pandemic period and thereby make meaningful contributions to the BRI cooperation between China and Nepal.

While delivering his remarks, Mr. Wang Ping affirmed Himalaya’s contribution to the establishment of an important aviation channel to South Asia for the Tibet Autonomous Region. He also hoped Himalaya will achieve smarter management, operation and win-win development with the help of Huawei’s advanced information solutions. He promised that the Tibet Autonomous Region will continue to support the development of overseas investment enterprises.

Addressing the event, Mr. Zhou Enyong, President-Himalaya Airlines stated that he believes the cooperation with Huawei will speed up the digital transformation and informatization of the company, optimize the ticketing and travelling experience for customers, and will contribute to the overall development of the entire civil aviation industry of Nepal. He also welcomed the third party cooperation based on the bilateral cooperation in software, instruments, and other service areas through united innovation and exploring solutions for betterment of the industry in this region.

Mr. Zhou Danjin, President of Huawei technology Cloud & AI business group of Asia Pacific Region shared that they will take this opportunity to employ Himalaya Airlines’ expertise in aviation field together with their strength in technology to push ahead the process of “Intelligentization” through digital transformation for Himalaya and improve its competitiveness to realize the business potential.

Himalaya and Huawei will cooperate in ICT technologies represented by Huawei Cloud and AI (Artificial Intelligence), in order to achieve mutual benefits and common development. It will also include building the Cloud platform for Himalaya’s sales and finance system, set up BI (Business Intelligent) system, and push ahead the upgrade and renovation of existing ICT equipment. Himalaya also is ready to explore all-round cooperation possibilities with Huawei and third parties in passenger and freight transportation systems in the future.