Himalaya Airlines has clarified itself on the information and news being circulated on the media regarding the expensive fare charged to passengers for the flight to Saudi Arabia. The Airlines has stated that it has undertaken the responsibility to operate three flights to Saudi Arabia as per the permission of the Government of Nepal. It states the Government of Nepal has allowed ten flights (seven to Nepal Airlines and three to Himalayan Airlines) on the special request of the embassy of the Republic of India in Nepal. Misinformation and rumors have been circulating in some media targeting to Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA), Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and Himalaya Airlines regarding the expensive fare charged to passengers.

Himalaya Airlines claims to have allowed IATA authorized travel agencies in Nepal to sell the tickets under the global distribution ticketing system. The system, it claims, ensure transparency, fair competition and price for the benefit of passengers.

Under the pandemic, such flights return empty which, it states, understandably increases the cost of the flight to an extent. It has pledged to recommend appropriate actions if any agency if evidences are produced to have charged beyond the system. It requests media to circulate the accurate news and information only after verifying the news and ignore misinformation and rumors.