The I.R. Committee chaired by Hon. Pabitra N. Kharel and all the members including Ex-Prime Minister Hon. Madhav Kumar Nepal, Hon. Pushpa Bhusal, Hon. Renuka Gurung, Hon. Agni Prasad Sapkota, Hon. Dr. Deepak Prakash Bhatt, Hon. Sarala Yadav, Hon.  Sanu Siura, Hon. Dibya M. Rajbhandari, Hon. Uma Regmi and Hon. Suraj K. Dura. visited the VNY2020 Secretariat today at the invitation of the National Program Coordinator, Mr. Suraj Vaidya for a detailed briefing on the plans and progress of the VNY2020 campaign. Welcoming the Dignitaries, the Secretary – MOCTCA and Chairman – PISC VNY2020, Mr. Mohan K. Sapkota briefed about the major developments and progress made up till now and also the limitations that the Secretariat was facing due to delayed onset of the campaign and also the budget constraints especially for the next fiscal year.

Mr. Vaidya made a detailed presentation about the various works completed, in progress and planned to promote Nepal as the best destination for Lifetime Experiences. He focused on airport improvements, media and online marketing, new products, destinations, training etc. for the long term economic benefit of the country. CEO NTB, Deepak Raj Joshi briefed on the joint efforts made by NTB and that NTB and VNY2020 were working in tandem.

The Hon Parliamentarians gave very insightful feedback and advice saying that Tourism is a national priority and expressed full commitment to back its development and strengthen the VNY2020 will be put up in the Parliament. Utmost focus must be given to developing new products while at the same time, preserving and conserving what we already have. They appreciated the partial renovation of the historical 108 year old Kaiser Mahal that houses the VNY2020 Office and recommended that other such buildings must be converted into Museums and Hotels in the future. The Committee also asked for regular updates on the progress of the vision and mission of the VNY2020 Campaign and to share the same with a wider base of stakeholders.