KATHMANDU: The 46th annual general meeting of Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) unanimously elected a new executive committee under the presidency of Shreejana Rana. Rana is the executive director of Hotel Annapurna.

The meeting also elected Binayak Shah as senior vice president and Praveen Bahadur Pandey as second vice president of the association. Sajan Shakya was elected as general secretary and Vishal Kumar as treasurer. The meeting also elected 20 executive members.

Speaking at the programme, Rana expressed her commitment to work for betterment of hospitality sector and the entire tourism sector of the country. She said that HAN has also established a taskforce to address the 10 percent service charge issue.

“As there was a huge problem between the employers and the employees, we took the initiative to come to an agreement that was agreeable to both parties.”