Amid the blanket embargo on all international regular flights, government has made an exclusive decision to permit passenger charter flights between Kathmandu and Saudi airports. The decision seems to have been made on the request of the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu. Earlier Cabinet decisions included the possibilities of permissions for cargo flights and rescue flights.


The permitted flights will be allowed to only fly Indian nationals struck in Nepal off to Saudi Arabia. Some 2,000 Indian nationals are assumed to be stranded here. As per the decision of the government, Nepal Airlines is permitted 7 flights and Himalaya Airlines 3 flights for this purpose. Government has privileged the state-owned carrier with commercial ground handling services in TIA and new international airports, apart from allowing more flight rights vis-à-vis private carriers. After the regular flights embargo, Himalaya Airlines has been operating medical cargo charter flights from Kunming to Kathmandu helping the shipment of essential Covid-19 medical supplies. Government entrusted the shipment of oxygen cylinders to Nepal Airlines from Beijing this week.