VNY 2020 started with enthusiasm and confusions. Enthusiasm was for a hopeful 2020 and its beneficial spillovers spreading into the ensuing years – through arrival growths, more per capital tourist spending, spread of tourism earnings across the provinces and so on forth. There were confusions about the success of this strategic campaign as there were lacking of timely and adequate budget allocation, organization and other arms and ammunitions essentially required.

VNY 2020 now comes to a halt. A ministerial decision made on 05 March 2020 asked the VNY National Coordinator to discontinue all programs and activities and to make the settlement of accounts within a month.

VNY 2020 had planned a series of programs extending throughout the year – programs of strategic marketing significance. These programs are of importance for the industry, therefore require to be owned by the private sector. It will be wise for NTB to contribute and participate in such programs.