Barahona, RD.-   With the main objective of continuing to position the southern region as a tourist and productive destination, at the same time promoting economic exchange between local companies and other provinces, the 3rd was developed. Tourism and Production Fair “Discover Barahona: towards sustainable development”.

The activity, held over three days at the Catholic University of Barahona (UCATEBA), was attended by 78 companies, including around 20 projects that offered their products and services from different sectors, including; tourist, gastronomic, agricultural, livestock, electrical, academic, financial, livestock producers, and automotive.

This year, the referred fair had as guest country the Republic of Korea, with an interesting exhibition of its gastronomy, culture, traditions, cinema and the presence of important Korean companies in the country such as Magna Motors, Korean Mart and “The Willbes Dominicana” “, The latter being the main generator of jobs in the free zone of Barahona.

In that sense, the ambassador of Korea in the country, Byung-Yum Kim, expressed his interest to participate in the event to evaluate different scenarios of trade, business and investment in this province, highlighting the important factors that make the Dominican market attractive .

“One of the reasons that motivated me to participate in this fair was its concept that covers tourism, production and gastronomy; These three elements are very important not only to boost the development of the Dominican Republic, but also of Korea, “said the diplomat.

Also, I assure you that Barahona has great potential to become a tourist center at the Punta Cana level for its great advances, referring to its beaches as one of the most beautiful in the country.

The activity also received as a guest province to San José de Ocoa, with a wide representation of its agricultural and gastronomic production.

Lugo that the results obtained in the second edition of the event in which 97% of visitors evaluated the fair as a commercial scenario, the Tourism and Productive Cluster of Barahona continued in this third edition innovating and creating spaces that contribute to the integration of young entrepreneurs in this town.

Virgilio Pérez Bernal, president of the Cluster, highlighted the joint work that the government authorities have been doing together with the Barahon entrepreneurs to position Barahona as a tourist destination of nature and adventure of the best quality.

“We thank the authorities for the effort they are making to improve the infrastructure our province needs; We know that tourism has a significant demand for products and services, but we also know that Barahona producers have the capacity to produce what the local supply needs for their operations, “said the entrepreneur.

Currently, the Cluster together with the Ministry of Tourism and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) are finalizing the diagnosis for the Southern Tourist Corridor project, an initiative that would turn this region into a model of sustainable governance of the tourism space. Among its objectives are to diversify the tourist offer, encourage investment and general social capital.