The dates for postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympic has been announced. As per the new schedule, the Olympic Games will be held between 23th July to 8th August 2021.

Earlier last week the Olympic Games, to protect the health of the athletes and everyone involved and to support the containment of the virus, were postponed due to global pandemic of covid-19 that is still shaking almost countries on globe.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has hoped that Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021 could be a light at the end of the dark tunnel humankind currently finds itself in. Despite the new slated dates for 2021, the games will be officially called Tokyo Olympic 2020.

It is the second time Olympic in Tokyo got changed. Tokyo was awarded Olympic Games in 1940 but later awarded to Helsinki due to political reasons which didn’t take place due to the World War II. Tokyo was again awarded and successfully organized the 28th edition of the Olympic Games in 1964. Nepal had, along with 93 other countries, taken part with its 6 athletes.