With some 400 rooms distributed in the hotel facilities of the province of Villa Clara, the hotel chain Cubanacán lives a high season higher than the previous year with a greater occupancy in their plants and an increase of 5% in tourists staying days, to date . With European customers as their main market, the Cubanacán hotels are focused on carrying out actions that allow increasing the occupancy rates of their hotel facilities during this year. To maintain this increase and look for new international markets, communication strategies are traced in the network of networks, the main platform for tourism marketing today.

They have developed a marketing strategy through the Internet with the update of information on current offers, as well as the main attractions both through tour operators and social networks, a platform that customers use to make their reservations directly.

Another initiative is the promotion of cultural attractions and traditions of the city of Santa Clara that attracts the attention of foreign visitors and are part of their motivation to travel to Cuba. The opening of new hotels in Sagua la Grande, Remedios and in the city of Santa Clara during 2018, has allowed a greater presence of this chain in the tourist packages that promote the destination Cuba internationally.