15 April 2020. 

The outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus has disrupted the daily lives of people around the world. The fear among people around the world is not less for both the infected ones as well as those who are not yet. Many countries have taken measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic by locking down social lives. However, the fact that no vaccines or treatment for the disease discovered makes people desperately worried. 

In Nepal: Tourism, trade, industry and social lives remain disrupted deeply and widely damaged. The opinion article IT’S NOT TOO LATE FOR ACTION: COVID-19 – AN ANALYSIS discussed the situation of uncertainty and the responsibility of every sector and government to hear, feel the cry of despair, response and act NOW.

First, known case of COVID-19 as per South Morning China post dates back to 17th Nov. 2019 to a 55-year-old person from Hubei Province in China. Since then, until the date of writing this article, more than 2 million people have been infected by the disease, claiming the death of more than 125 thousand.  

As per The Lancet, Nepal saw it’s first COVID-19 case on 13th Jan 2020, in a 32-year-old Nepalese student at Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China who happen to return Nepal. The second case was reported on March 23, 2020. By 15 April, Nepal has reported cases of total 16 COVID -19, infected people out of which 1 recovered and thankfully no-one has died yet. 

covid-19 nepal updates

We hope to see the numbers of infections going down, mean awhile it is advised to stay self-isolated, act wisely and stay safe. 

Data and graph source : WorldoMeter