Nepal has decided to take strong precautionary measures to mitigate the risk of the COVID-19. Right Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. KP Oli made an address to the nation, this evening, announcing such measures.

Effective Sunday, 22 March 2020, there will be no international flights for 10 days. All service providers, except for defined essential services, will provide e-services to the public to the best possible extent. Long haul domestic road transport has been banned from 23 March 2020 for an indefinite period.

Defined essential services, such as hotels, restaurant, telecom, local transport, banking, insurance, food and medical supplies, hospitals, media, etc. will continue their services. Domestic air transport will also continue operation.

Government has already shut down schools and colleges and has asked people to stay home as far as possible. Social gatherings have been discouraged and any unavoidable gatherings shall not have more than 25 persons.

The Supreme Court, meanwhile, today decided to close all courts of law in the country for 14 days from the coming Sunday, 22 March, 2020.

In between, it is understood that a few hundred thousands of people have returned home from the capital, Kathmandu, over the last few days.

Social distancing has been found an effective measure to contain the COVID-19 risk. The governmental measures are expected to be useful for that purpose.