Frankfurt, 17 May 2019 – Ready for Take-Off: Two of Condor’s three additional short- and medium-haul aircraft for summer 2019 are in service as of today. The first Condor flight of the Airbus A321 D-AIAI will depart from Frankfurt to Larnaca, Cyprus, today at 13:45 hrs. The A321 with the registration D-ATCG will start its service at Germany’s most popular leisure airline in Dusseldorf tonight and will be flying primarily from Leipzig/Halle Airport in the future. Condor had increased the flight capacity at Leipzig/Halle by 100,000 seats for the summer season, and will station a total of four Airbus A321s there taking off to the most beautiful destinations around the Mediterranean, to Egypt, to Turkey and to the Canary Islands. This makes Condor by far the largest holiday airline in Leipzig/Halle.

The D-AIAI and D-ATCG aircraft are two of three short- and medium-haul aircraft expanding the Condor fleet this summer. They are one of the numerous measures that the leisure airline implements for operational stability during high season. The third additional Airbus A321 will be integrated into the fleet in the coming weeks. At the same time, sister airline Thomas Cook Airlines in the UK will receive another Airbus A321 as well. This brings the Group Airline fleet to 105 aircraft. For Condor, a total of 42 short- and medium-haul aircraft will be flying for Condor during summer season. Two of these will be operated by the seasonal partner airline Smartlynx, which will take off from Hanover in Sunny Heart design, with Condor cabin crew and Condor service.