La Altagracia, RD.- The Dominican Republic, due to its geographical position, is a country with hot temperatures, but there are many options, one of which is Boca de Yuma, in the province of La Altagracia. Here you live by fishing.

This municipal district is a community that has its attractions of beaches and the Yuma River. From where its inhabitants sustain their finances through fishing.

Boca de Yuma, has its tourist history, because before it was thought of Punta Cana, this town was already internationally recognized because here, in 1966, the Club Nautico de Santo Domingo Incorporado installed an extension of the sports institution and recreational, at the initiative of Don Alberto Bonetti Burgos who traveled frequently attracted by fishing, pigeon hunting and the natural beauty of the area.

Located in the southeast of La Altagracia province, located on the same path as the Sun and at the mouth of the Yuma River “where its fresh waters converge with the salt of the Caribbean Sea”, which makes it a special paradise, as nature and the climate of the area are accomplices of the good life of peace and tranquility for its inhabitants and tourists.

Fishing is the livelihood of “the bocaínos”, a name used by its inhabitants since its creation in 1880, when the first fishermen who formed families and built homes, arrived in this emblematic place of dreams.

Its humane treatment and gastronomy is its letter of presentation, the freshness of its coasts and its wonderful view, they give a haven of peace to every visitor who dazzles, adding to its charm the taste of fish and seafood.

The restaurants by the sea offer a la carte fishing last night, a custom that takes decades.

Boca Yuma, with an approximate population of about three thousand inhabitants, has restaurants, but 15 years ago fried fish was offered in small places, today the economic growth is reflected in the whole area, thanks to the sustainability that gives them fishing , in addition, of the attractions that nature endowed them with.

The “Hoyo Zumbador”, which is a place of crystalline blue waters, surrounded by rocks, forged patiently by nature thousands of years ago; The cave of Bernard that inside are impressive stalactites (an enamel that hangs from the ceiling of a cave) and stalagmite (elongated and pointed calcareous formation found on the floor of some natural caves).

If you are interested in navigating the mouth of the river, the fishermen offer the service in the small boats of artisan manufacture, built on the small dock.

A place you can explore in boats, is “Playa Blanca”, a paradisiacal jewel, where you can enjoy a dreamlike view, with snow white sands, although here it does not exist for skiing.

Boca de Yuma is a sustainable pole that we must visit. Come to know the place with the only risk that you will face for sure, “it will come back”.