ATPCO has embarked on a pro-bono initiative to help airlines, sales channels, and people who fly.

While most airlines have cut back schedules significantly or are even grounded at the moment, it’s a fluid situation. There are still many flights operating, some scheduled flights are being brought back into operation already, and there is still flight shopping for the future. Those traveling now – and those who will fly again in the future – are rightfully concerned about their health and safety when they travel. ATPCO saw an urgent need to help convey the measures airlines are taking to protect passengers when they are considering flights to purchase.

A cross-functional crisis team at ATPCO came together to create a broad set of Reassurance UPAs that describe specific measures airlines are taking to protect flyers. With this rich content integrated into flight shopping, people will know what steps an airline is taking to protect passengers. Customized Reassurance UPAs were created for nearly 90 airlines, representing more than two-thirds of the flight schedule. ATPCO is actively inviting airlines to collaborate so Reassurance UPAs can be further tailored according to the protocols they have implemented and to get access to the content for integration into flight shopping results across airline direct and indirect channels – at no cost.

Reassurance UPAs currently fall into the following categories, with new ones being added as airlines change practices:

  • Flexible booking
  • Air circulation
  • Cabin cleaning
  • Food service hygiene
  • Health safety measures
  • Airport cleaning
  • Passenger & crew wellbeing
  • Schedule adjustments
  • Health screenings
  • Security exceptions (e.g., larger bottles of hand sanitizer allowed by TSA)

Reassurance UPAs are now part of ATPCO’s Routehappy Rich Content offering and have been added to ATPCO’s UPA Hub platform.

While UPAs are typically only available to airlines via a paid subscription, Reassurance UPAs are being offered by ATPCO at no cost to airlines and sales channels and ATPCO is inviting indirect channels and airline direct channels to get in touch to discuss content integration options.

Source : Travel daily news