Long before any recorded pandemic, an ancient civilisation in Nepal used a little-known system of quarantine. It was standard cultural practice for people to self-isolate nearly a thousand years ago. The rule was used to contain and prevent the transmission of infectious diseases in crowded urban environments.

The ancient civilisation in Nepal, the Newars travelled long distances for trade. During travel, it is a high possibility for them to have been contaminated with diseases. And upon return, they would transmit the carried diseases to the many people living in their urban settlement. So anybody returning from travel for trade or else purposes were isolated for at least 2 weeks. If they do not show any sign of infection, verified by the high priest of the city, they are then purified with a bath in some religious spout and approved for living back home.

The self-quarantine routine was an important part of Nepali Culture during the Malla Dynasty and followed quietly for some time. In the days before modern medicine, Staying apart was the only way to prevent infection to spread to the society. Sometimes old rituals are good.

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