Singapore  – Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing regions for travel globally. Between now and 2025, the Asia Pacific travel market will continue to outgrow the rest of the world. This provides a rich target for brands and advertisers looking to reach an expanding market that is interested in, and actively searching for, travel experiences.

To help, Amadeus, a leading technology partner for the global travel industry, has launched travel audience in Asia Pacific. travel audience enables travel advertisers to place highly targeted dynamic ads on travel sites, such as travel information web pages or search results of travel metasearch websites. The platform has over 300 advertisers on board including both the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia and Chubu Centrair International AirportNagoya Japan. It works mostly, but not exclusively, with a rapidly growing customer base of leading travel agencies, tourism boards but also with top airlines and hotels to help them reach millions of travelers.

Tiago Morais de Relvao, Head of travel audience, Asia Pacific, said: “Amadeus sits at the heart of the travel industry, working with hundreds of airlines, airports, hotels, travel agents, rail operators and Destination Marketing Organizations on a daily basis. This means we have a unique advantage when it comes to reaching travelers through our travel audience platform. We’re looking forward to helping brands and advertisers across Asia Pacific reach millions of active travel searchers. We can reach them on any channel across any device, and throughout the different stages of the traveler journey from inspiration, research, booking, and when they travel. By combining Amadeus’ data and segments to target a custom travel audience, we’re able to help our customers increase their revenue across the region through targeted digital advertising.”

The travel audience offerings (Native and Programmatic Advertising placement), work by identifying and optimizing portals that have qualified travel traffic, which is when the consumer browsing the web is likely to have high booking intent or high interest in the product being advertised. Such web portals are then added to travel audience network of publishers. travel audience then uses this publisher network to place adverts for its customers, in order to target their specific agreed audiences.

The platform combines millions of relevant data sets, interpreted through machine learning and provides a unique inventory and exclusive placement on the top 500 travel publishers (OTAs, metasearch etc.).

The travel audience platform will also serve customers through:

Advertising solutions
  • Premium Display – Programmatic Advertising placement using exclusive and propriety data to increase reach, relevance and conversions
  • Native Advertising travel contextual advertising with highly customizable look and feel in more than 500 travel publishing partners
  • Social and Video Advertising
  • Advertising through the Amadeus travel specific ad network managing advertising on Amadeus sites, platforms, travel documents and extended partners’ channels
Publisher Solutions
  • Helping Publishers to monetize via Native Advertising placement and data partnerships
Amadeus Destination Insights
  • Timely insights, analyzing billions of air travel transactions revealing opportunities for Destination Marketing Organizations to boost their destinations’ growth
  • Using our powerful travel data analytics in tandem with our unique marketing channels enables Destinations to optimize their marketing spend

Amadeus acquired travel audience in 2013 which has been serving brands and advertisers across EMEA for the last six years.