On Saturday 30th March Airbus invites you to the Paris Event Center where it will take place the “Stepstone Digital Challenge“. Formerly called CDMGE (Competition of the Grandes Ecoles de Commerce, Engineer and University) this event embraces sport, disability and all sort of business type and welcomes whoever wants to join in a fun atmosphere! The StepStone Digital Challenge is first of all big festive moment where technology, creativity and innovation meet up for the day.

Program of the event: 

E-sport competition: Clash Royale competition, Fifa, LoL, Trackmania, HearthStone and Rocket League

Sport competition: Five and wheelchair basketball competition

Supporters: Mascots, fanfares and pompons.. all united to support their teams

Cosplay: all day fancy dress contest

Running competition: between 6 to 8km run challenge in the Parc de la Villette, Paris.

Direction and hours

Start Date
30 March 2019 – 8:00
End Date
30 March 2019 – 20:00