The month of November 2018 witnessed a historic moment with a phenomenal growth trend in international tourist arrivals to Nepal. The consistent and upward momentum continues through the peak tourist season i.e. October and November 2018 and the arrival figures in January–November period has crossed much awaited mark of one million annual international visitors and reached 1,001,930, with cumulative increase of 17% over the same period in 2017. Further, the figures do not include the number of overland international visitors to Nepal in October and November. Even if, the overland arrival figures of last year are assumed constant, the overall growth in January-November period would be 23%.

Tourist arrivals from India in October and November were 11,566 and 16,167 respectively. The total arrivals of Indian visitors in January-November period reached 178,130.

Likewise, 11,921 and 12,944 Chinese tourists visited Nepal in October and November respectively. The number of total Chinese visitors in January-November period reached to 134,362. Similarly, the visitors from Thailand, Japan and South Korea have also increased significantly.

The European arrivals have also surged with healthy growths from key markets. Arrivals from the United Kingdom were 9022 and 7,394, from Germany were 7150 and 4393 and from France 7246 and 4083 in October and November respectively. The total European arrivals in January-November period in 2018 reached 224,206.

Total number of US visitors to Nepal in October and November 2018 were recorded as 11,757 and 9,193 respectively, and total arrivals in January- November period of 2018 reached 82,870. Likewise, the number of Australians visitors to Nepal in January-November period of 2018 was 33,528.

Deepak Raj Joshi, Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board remarked that the image of Nepal as one of the most preferred tourist destinations has been reinforced and this is well reflected in the extraordinary growth in the visitor arrivals to Nepal. This also can be attributed to the concerted efforts of Government of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board, private sector travel trade and media towards promotion of overall tourism sector in the international tourism arena. He further added that this is the moment to commemorate the milestone in the tourism history of Nepal as it also heralds the potential of tourism sector of Nepal which can be further realized through upcoming national tourism campaign of Visit Nepal Tourism Year 2020.