The Ministry of Tourism starts a procedure for deleting the registration of 18 tour operators from the National Tourist Register (NTP). The reason is that the companies have not submitted a mandatory Tour Operator’s Insurance, which is an explicit condition for tour operator activity. The traders are based in Sofia, Bourgas, Varna, Shumen, Bourgas, Stara Zagora, Sliven, Novi Iskar and Vodni pad.
The procedure starts according to a decision of the Expert Committee on registration of tour operators and travel agents at the Ministry of Tourism.
Deleted companies will not be removed from the registry, but the order for their deletion will be reflected, with their names colored in red. This way, users will, when referenced in the register, receive information about whether the tour operator is correct and performs business in accordance with the law.
An obligatory condition is that each registered tour operator annually concludes a contract for the “Tour Operator’s Responsibility” insurance with an insurer within the meaning of the Insurance Code. The tour operator is obliged to submit to the Minister of Tourism a copy of the insurance contract within 14 days of its renewal.
The existence of an existing insurance contract is an absolute prerequisite for the valid exercise of the state’s authorized activity. The Tourism Act does not provide for a registered tour operator to temporarily suspend its activity and to have no valid insurance.